Our Team

U Aung Win Khaing (“Nelson”), Myanmar citizen, is the Chairman and founder of the Royal Hi-Tech Group Co., Ltd. He was born in the Shan state, into an industrious, entrepreneurial Kokanese family near the Hobang Township. The family moved to Mandalay in 1968 to avoid the unrest at the border areas. As industries were nationalised by the military government, the business environment was poor and difficult. But it did not dissuade young U Aung Win Khaing from getting involved in the family business selling “The Hong‟s Best Kokan Green Tea” which is still for sale and very popular today. In 1973 he expanded the business to Yangon.

During the long years of a poor and harsh business environment, the Chairman bided his time. His break came in 1989 when the military government reformed the economy into a “market-oriented economy system”. He seized the opportunity and registered “Aung Hlaing Company”- the first to obtain an import license and 9th with an export license in Myanmar. By 1990 he had already established himself as an entrepreneur and was selected to attend the UNDP-sponsored “GSB preference” program, and became the only private sector representative from the Upper Myanmar region sent on a study tour of Europe. On his return, he proposed his ideas to the Regional Government and founded the Mandalay Industrial Zone.

With the opening of the Myanmar economy, he foresaw the need for basic construction materials. AWK began to build his business empire called the Hi-Tech Group, beginning with producing value-added timber products, before starting a cement plant in 1994, and an iron foundry.

In recognition of his vision and efforts, he was elected as the Vice Chairman of the Upper Myanmar Chamber of Commerce in 1996. He held this post till 2006 when he was elected its Chairman, a position he holds to this day. He is also the Chairman of the Management Committee of the Mandalay Industrial Zone, a position he held from its inception. He became and remains a Director of the Yadanabone Bank. In 2005 he became the Chairman of the Steel Foundry Casting Co.Ltd.

By 2004, U Aung Win Khaing‟s business empire had grown substantially and he had ventured into several different areas besides the core construction material businesses. He created Royal Hi-Tech Group Co. Ltd (RHGC) as an umbrella over all his business interests. His entrepreneurial abilities were recognised by the Government and he was invited to sit on the regional and national ministerial committees to review and control the pricing of commercial products. Besides his business achievements, the Chairman is a well-respected member of the Mandalay community, in part because of his philanthropic efforts. He has, for decades, supported NGOs in the fields of poverty alleviation, education, health and religion.

U Aung Win Khaing the visionary has been in the forefront for the betterment of the people in the Mandalay region. His efforts to create Semeikhon Port and Myotha Industrial Park were also motivated by his desire to create work opportunities and wealth for the local people. The Mandalay region is the dry zone of Myanmar. As such farmers eking out a living have always found it immensely difficult to make ends meet. The result is transmigration to the cities. His vision for the Industrial Park is to halt the drain and to bring the people back to the region, with jobs and opportunities.

Like all his successful past ventures, Semeikhon Port and Myotha Industrial Park are the fruit of a business vision, conceived in years past, and seeing the light at its opportune time. U Aung Win Khaing‟s personal philosophy is to keep abreast of the Government‟s initiatives, not going ahead or falling behind. MMID‟s projects are not easy to develop, but are helmed by decades of tested entrepreneurial wisdom.