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E&S Update

Early September 2017, MMID commenced implementation of the land acquisition and resettlement action plan for the Mandalay Semeikhon Port (MSMP) Project, with international consultant support.

Over the next several months, we will strengthen ongoing MSMP engagement with local communities located near the Semeikhon Port and along the Port Link Road.

This will include undertaking a process to check on farmers/land owners who were compensated for their land in relation to the Semeikhon Port Project and review their progress in their livelihoods. We will then put in place a regular monitoring and evaluation program to monitor the ongoing livelihood status of these communities.

We will also develop and implement a:

          - Regular stakeholder engagement program, including a documented community complaints procedure; and a

          - Structured community benefits program that includes a focus on livelihoods development

The community benefits program will be implemented over time, as the Semeikhon Port Project continues to develop, and will build on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities that MMID has implemented in nearby communities since 2012.

E&S Information

With support from IFC, the project MMID has commissioned the following work by qualified international consultants: (i) an environmental and social impact assessment has been completed, leading to detailed environmental management and monitoring plans; (ii) an assessment of land acquisition activities at the project footprint areas against IFC Performance Standard 5 requirements was also completed; (iii) supporting the company’s implementation of the land acquisition action plan. The company is currently recruiting a qualified professional to head up and build its in-house E&S team, which will oversee and manage implementation of the above-mentioned ESIA and land acquisition action plans, as well as develop and implement the company’s system for managing E&S risks and impacts in its day to day operations.


MMID Signed Joint Venture Agreement with IFC on 23rd August 2017 to develop and operate Ayawaddy Semeikhon river port project, located at the east bank of Ayeyarwady Rive 17 Km from Myotha Industrial Park.  The project will be develop in phases to allow for traffic build-up over time. In Phase 1, IFC Infra Ventures is expected to contribute up to US$3.85 million towards development of the port, which consists of one floating berth with 50 Ton cranes, to handle 200,000 tons of general cargo, containers and roll on-roll off cargos. Upon its completion, the project will support Mandalay’s economic growth by facilitating trade in the region, as it would be the first of its kind modern inland water port to bolster Myanmar’s water transport sector.

Potential Investors MIP Site Visit

Approximately 100 potential investors and guests from local and foreign companies visited the Myotha Industrial Park (MIP) and Semeikhon Port (SMP) on October 1, 2015. They were attendees from the first Mandalay Investment Fair held the day before.

Upon arrival they received a short briefing on site regarding the status of the works ongoing in the Phase 1-A area from Mr. Bruce Reynolds, Project Director-Administration.

The group then moved to the MIP head office where they were formally welcomed by MMID chairman U Aung Win Khaing.  Managing Director Dr. Tun Tun Aung introduced the MIP and SMP projects. MMID’s Planning & Strategic Executive Ms. Jess gave a detail presentation about the project planning and design. Mr.  Aung Zay Ya introduced the Myotha National Golf Club and housing estate project and Mr. Bruce Reynolds discussed the current status of the SMP project.

The group then made a short stop at the golf course site before proceeding to the SMP. A site inspection on SMP area and also the soon to be completed general cargo ramp, and followed by a closing presentation and discussion between the guests and MMID staff members have been through at the cargo ramp area.

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