Port Link Road Extension

To enhance the logistic and connectivity of MIPC and SMP, the Port Link Road(PLR)is planned at the beginning stage of MIPC and SMP development. The PLR will serve with 2 directions, 6 lanes and shop houses besides the road. PLR includes 2 sections:

  • River Port Link Road – Corridor between MIPC to River Port 17.8 km long, 200 feet wide.
  • Airport Link Road – To provide a direct connection between MIP to Yangon-Mandalay highway and it’s international airport. Preliminary survey is completed for routes for the extension.

A Logistics hub within the Mandalay Region

MIP is located 58km southwest of Mandalay City and 45km from Mandalay international airport. This location is strategically placed and easily accessible for all industrial and economic activities in the region

  • The journey between the MIP industrial park and downtown Mandalay takes approx. 60-90 minutes. The road passes through a number of small villages, narrowing at that point. Alternate routes will need to be built to handle increased road traffic.
  • A bypass road to accommodate this new traffic has been suggested to link the Industrial Park within the “New” Yangon-Mandalay highway that runs past Mandalay airport. This requires government assistance, as well as a policy change to allow the “new” Mandalay-Yangon highway to start accepting heavy trucks (currently not allowed) after lane widening.

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