Semeikhon Port (SMP)

Semeikhon Port Planning Concept

Semeikhon Port( SMP) is geographically located in the central part of Ayeyarwaddy River, south-west of Mandalay. Semeikhon Port is located to the west of Myotha Industrial Park, 11 miles away.

This port covers 380 acres with a Quay length of 1.5 Kilometers, containing the main port operation yard, processing areas, warehousing, tank farm, Free Trade Zone and administrative, ancillary services and transhipping areas.

The port is designed to facilitate the river transportation of goods and products to and from the Mandalay region with other areas of the country and abroad.

MMID and International Finance Corporation(IFC) Joint Venture in 2017 July, establish MSMP International which operates 60 acre Port Jetty.

Development Vision

The Semeikhon Port is designed with a vision to be:

The key port on the Ayeyarwaddy River

A transportation hub for Mandalay Region

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