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  • To be the model industrial park development and river port facility in Myanmar.
  • To provide an optimum environment for healthy living, working, quality of life and investment


  • To generate employment opportunities and help to alleviate poverty in Mandalay Region.
  • To create and maintain  an effective, pro-business and service-oriented investment environment for Local and Foreign

Chief Minister Speech

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A new people’s government for people elected by the people has emerged in April 2016. As a new government in transition, it is tackling cautiously on many sectors such as national reconciliation, international relations, economy, and social sector. At ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly held on 30th September 2016, on the opening speech, the State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said “We are also striving to bring about sustainable economic development for the benefit of all people in Myanmar. Our country is fortunate to be endowed with varied natural resources, a young population eager to learn, and a location between the largest markets of the world. Yet for reasons of history, our country has never realized its economic potential. Today, through the hard work of our government and people, and the support and collaboration of our friends in this region, we have an unprecedented opportunity to build a better future.”

In accordance with the State Counsellor’s guidance, because of its geographical location, Myanmar has emerged as a region creating good opportunities for investors since it is linked regionally with ASEAN, Mandalay Region can become a business hub for the country, it is in a strategic position to promote trade and to cooperate industrially and economically since it is in the center of India, China and ASEAN.

Myotha Industrial Park Construction and Semeikhon (Irrawaddy) Port Construction Project implemented by public company in Mandalay Region is a suitable project for the dry uncharitable region that lets behind in development for many years. Even at the current implementing stage, transportation became convenient, some factories and industries which are under construction starts to operate and job opportunities for locals can be seen. If many local and foreign investments enter, a lot of job opportunities will emerge, regional development will improve and social economic status of the locals will rise rapidly.

For economic development of the state, sustainability and systematic development of the public sector is necessary. The government is focusing to practice Private – Public – Partnership which is based on community.

Since basic infrastructure of the country which are hard infrastructure (such as road, bridge, communication, electricity) and soft infrastructure (investment, industry, trade, labor, environmental conservation) can be built rapidly only by implementing economic and industrial zone, economic zones were set up as the main driver of economic development internationally.

Environmental issues have to be considered and focused in industrial zones. In implementing CSR activities in neighboring villages, it is necessary to link harmoniously to complete with the equity between economic sectors and social sectors, flexibility between economic sectors and the environment, and the resilience between the environment and the social sectors. Only then, it can guaranty the inclusive and sustainable development.

Implementing Myotha Industrial Park is a project that has good potentials and beneficial to the local people of Mandalay Region and Upper Myanmar and it can be assumed as an important key that can open the door to economic development. Therefore, it is encouraged that the participating investors open the way for transparent inclusiveness in accordance with business ethics and strive collectively focusing on the interests of the country and the people rather than the interests of each organization.


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