Goal & Strategy

MMID Goal & Strategy



To achieve the dream, MMID develop with following strategy:
  1. Enhance great connectivity:

Logistics is the key of industrialization. MIP is  well-connected to the Mandalay City,  the Mandalay International Airport  and nearby townships by road, and is located near the Kyaukpyu-Ruili oil and gas pipeline. It is also linked to the other Myanmar cities by the Ayeyarwady River and to the neighbouring countries by the Asian Highway network.

The proposed jetty port will become the first modernized and the largest port in Central Myanmar, providing a clear alternative to the current Mandalay main port and other river ports that lack essential modern supporting facilities and have significantly deteriorated over the years.

  1. Upgrading Infrastructure:

As MMID is fully committed to the dream, the company implement the rolling-financing model to speed up the infrastructure development. The Company has built and will continue to build a strong and effective management team with well-qualified and experienced executives.The conceptualization, master planning and execution of the Project are carried out by highly qualified professionals and third-party experts in a systematic manner. The road, electricity, water, telecommunication, internet, sewage, solid waste, are all the essential support to MIPC’s development dream.

  1. Incentive policy

MMID strive to incentive policy which to get support from the macro environment, MMID has strong support from the Union Government and the Mandalay Regional Government, as well as good working 

relationship with the relevant Authorities. As of current development, all tenants of MIPC and SMP, are titles with following advantages:

          1. Land lease duration

              Long term lease 50 yrs + + ( 70 yr ) for foreign investors and transferable

          2. Corporate income tax exemption

              Continuous (7)  years corporate income tax exemption from official production date

          3. GSP opportunity

              Myanmar shares free trade agreements with major exporting partner countries, preferential policies of tariffs and quotas, as well as Generalized System of                        Preferences (GSP) granted by more than 30 countries including Europe and the United States.

          4. Import/ export tax exemption

              1. Imported machineries, equipment and construction materials will be granted exemption.

              2. Imported raw materials, semi-finished products required by export-oriented investment will be granted exemption  of import taxes .

  1. Facilitate job opportunity creation

To create job opportunities is the most important target of MMID. As the management support industries which create more jobs and labor needs, in the developing process of MIPC, SMP, APLR projects, lots of job opportunities has been created for the surrounding villages, including current manufacturers’ need, all infrastructure development especially golf course development. Meanwhile the Company has built up good rapport with the local village communities by improving their power distribution lines and roads, and through other corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) work.

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