Location and Logistics

The Central Myanmar Region has always been an agricultural region. With the recent change in the country’s open economy market-oriented policies, modernization and industrialization is essential for the country’s development.The proposed industrial park is envisaged to be on par with international industrial parks such as Jurong Industrial Park (Singapore) and Suzhou Industrial Park (China)The proposed site is located in the central part of Ayeyarwaddy River, southwest of Mandalay City. To the south, it is about 430 miles away from the river port of Yangon. To the north, it is about 270 miles from Bhamo.To the west is KyaukPhyu deep sea port. From the port, two pipelines (a gas and a crude oil) south of Mandalay International Airport to Yunnan, China.

Conceptual Master Plan

A comprehensive Township concept plan was planned at the beginning stage of MMID project development. With total area 1,055 km2 (260,874 Acres) and with population forecast 2,800,000. We learned the industrial development from worldwide experience, that an industrial development needs to be aware of land use balance in overall surrounding region, by which industrial development will not affect original landscape meanwhile support a comprehensive and healthy regional development. In the Township concept plan, we planned not only industrial land but also planned agriculture land, ecological reservation land, education land, residential land,etc. for government reference when developing the area.

Mandalay  Myotha Industrial Development Public Company Limited (MMID) is the master developer of Myotha Industrial Park (MIP) and Semeikhon Port (SMP).

Chairman Aung Win Khaing’s vision is to unlock the wealth of Mandalay to benefit local residents even as Myanmar continues on its path to modernization and economic development.

MIP will be a mixed use industrial park covering over 11,000 acres. SMP is a jetty port along the Ayeyarwaddy River that covers 380 acres. Foreign and local investors are already developing projects in both sites.


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