Ms. Phyu Phyu Myint Naing

Ms. Phyu Phyu Myint Naing is currently the Managing Director at April Myanmar Co. Ltd., the Executive Director at Healthway Medical Solution and Mandalay Cement Industrial Co. LTD., where she is responsible for HR recruitment and retention; business and strategic planning, etc.In this capacity, she provides substantial leadership quality to development opportunities. She has a Masterʼs in Business Administration from the Yangon Institute of Economics and is now a Ph.D. candidate doing research on Organization Development (Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand). Ms. Phyu Phyu Myint Naing is also an active member of several associations, including (a) serving as a Central Executive Committee of the Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association (MYEA); (b) as an Executive Committee of the Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs Association (MWEA).

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