U Aung Win Khaing, a Myanmar citizen,was born in Kyinchan village, Hobang Township, northern Shan state in 1945. He attended Stella Maris, GD-Angle, St. Albert mission high schools from 1954 to 1963 and passed high school from St. Joseph in 1963. In 1964 he returned to his parents and work as secretary in Agricultural and Multi-sector Cooperative in Panlon,Hobang Township. In 1967, because of the unrest, he settled in Aungdawmu ward, Mandalay and started traditional family business,Kokan green tea business. From 1982 to 1989 he worked as representative for RCC (USA) and India Wood Craft & Thailand LunsumCo., Ltd and involved in timber and salt water prawn export business for 7 years in Yangon. In 1989, when market oriented economic system started in Myanmar, he returned to Mandalay and founded Hi-Tech Company in 1990 and started exporting value-added timber products. With the sponsorship of UNDP, he attended International Trading Business, Management, GSP-Preference courses. He was chosen as a member of delegation led by Ministry of Trade and took part in a 26-days Trade study Tour to European countries. When he returned from the trip, he wrote a paper in 1990 and presented to Mandalay divisional government. In 1990, he was able to set up Myanmar’s first Mandalay Industrial Zone (1), involved in management committee and took the responsibility as chairman up to December 2015. He is still working as honorary patron there. In 1994 he set up Myanmar’s first citizen own Hi-Tech cement factory as MCICL Company and founded RHGC Group. In 2005 he took the responsibility of BOD chairman in MIRC Company.

With the guidance of Mandalay Regional Government to improve the social economic status of the poorly developed region in the dry zone of central Myanmar, Mandalay Myotha Industrial Park City construction project which is a project of Mandalay regional government was implemented and currently he is the chairman and CEO of MMID public company. He had worked as deputy chairman for Mandalay Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MRCCI) for 12 years,  as a chairman of it for 10 years and it was reformed with the new blood in 2015 and he still working there as honorary patron.


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